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Finally fixes bugs that could herp Windows 10 disks

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Earlier this year, a file path was spread which, in the worst case, could destroy disks.

Microsoft has finally fixed the horror bug
The only thing that was needed to trigger an error message that there was an error on the partition was to visit a special path in Windows. What happened then was, of course, that malware was spread that creatively opened this folder in hopes of messing it up for the victim.

According to Microsoft, it should only be running "chkdsk", but not everyone was so lucky and experienced data loss.

The error has now been corrected
In February, Microsoft quietly fixed the bug, but it was not until Tuesday's update this month that the company fixed the bug in all supported versions of Windows.

If you try the once dangerous disk path, you will now be notified of this instead: "The directory name is invalid".

Microsoft has flagged this bug as "Windows NTFS Denial of Service Vulnerability".

How to experience the error:

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