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Huawei launches 6G in 2030: 50x faster than 5G

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While 5G is slowly spreading around the world, Huawei's chairman Xu Zhijun announced at Huawei's global analyst conference in Shenzhen, southern China, that the company will launch 6G sometime in 2030. It will be 50 times faster than 5G.

5G is just one step on the road to the real revolution: 6G
Communication is Huawei's strongest point. They are far ahead of the competition on 5G. This means that the company has a good lead in research that can be utilized in 6G.

Cui Baoguo at the Faculty of Informatics at one of China's most prestigious universities, Tsinghua in Beijing, predicts that 6G network speeds can reach up to 1000 gb / sec with a delay of one tenth of 5G networks. Needless to say, 6G will be far better than the 5G network at peak frequency, delay, traffic density, as well as connection density, mobility, spectrum efficiency and positioning. It will represent enormous implications for just about everything in society.

Super speed networks are just one part of 6G
A 6G network will result in a wirelessly connected world where terrestrial and satellite communications are seamlessly integrated. In addition, a 6G network will overcome 5G's weaknesses at high speeds as it supports physical speeds above 1000 kilometers per hour.

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