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Do you need a washing machine for your earplugs?

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A crowdfunding campaign raises money to develop and produce a small washing machine for your bids. Almost a thousand people have so far pre-ordered it.

Smart but unnecessarily advanced?
Cardlax EarBuds Washer (EBW) is a small washing machine for earplugs. It was launched on Kickstarter on April 6. There you can pre-order the earplug washer for 39 dollars or 330 kroner, and upwards with an increasing discount on the finished washing machine. The project had already raised 42,000 kroner after one day. Today they have drawings for 350,000 kroner and there are 56 days left until the crowdfunding campaign closes.

Cardlaxs EBW is for removing pocket debris and earwax from earplugs. It is reminiscent of a mini top-loading washing machine with a rotating mechanism that rolls the earplugs against the sponge-covered inner walls of the unit. You spray on some alcohol cleaning liquid and it makes the earplugs shine like the sun.

Need a washing machine?
Cardlax EBW is a cool gadget and nicely executed. It may seem advanced for what it's set to do, but it's some of the charms. Whether it cleans better than you can do with a cotton swab is another question. Maybe it's the gift of the one who already has everything?

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