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DO NOT do this - this is all it takes to herpe Windows 10

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It is amazing that security is so weak
This error has existed in Windows 10 for three years, and is very serious as it is not just a matter of the computer hanging (we will return to that error) - no: here we are talking about data loss if you are unlucky.

The danger is that the error can be easily exploited by malicious people by including it in a zip file, a folder, or a shortcut on the desktop.
The problem is that you only need to write cd c: \: $ i30: $ bitmap to create errors in the disk system.

Fortunately, it seems that Windows itself is able to fix the error after rebooting, at least in virtual environments where setup is easier:

An icon is enough
But it's even worse because just pointing an icon on the desktop to the address mentioned below is enough to crash the computer, even if none of the files have been loaded before. It's quite special.

Microsoft says they are working on a bug fix, and that it will be coming soon.

But there is more
Another error has also been detected and this activates BSOD. This error occurs if you type \\.\globalroot\device\condrv\kernelconnect in the Google Chrome address bar. The error does not require administrator privileges to be used.

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