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Now comes the new TV revolution

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Today Samsung introduced its new Neo QLED and MicroLED TVs and like TCL and LG, the Neo QLED TVs get much more precise backlighting than before.

Neo QLED is the new
With far more local dimming zones, the Neo QLED will have better contrast, better brightness, and better picture quality than previous QLED TVs.

Until now, Full Array LEDs have usually had a double-digit number of backlit zones that are turned on and off in different areas, to mimic the deep black levels that have been unique to OLEDs.

Samsung's new TVs, on the other hand, have up to 40 times smaller zones, which will make the contrast areas far better. The "Quantum Matrix" technology will minimize light leakage from zone to zone.

Neo QLED. (Ill: Samsung)
Unlike LG, which boasts up to 30,000 different LED lights and 2,500 different dimming zones, Samsung does not say exactly how many small LED lights illuminate the panel.

But if you start from last year's QLED flagship from Samsung had around 100 local dimming zones, the new TVs have an estimated 4000. (40 × 100 = 4000)

Neo QLED controls the brightness with as many as 4096 different steps in 12-bit HDR, which should provide even more immersive images than what we have seen before.

Upscale any image to 4K and 8K
Samsung's new TV processor Neo Quantum, with 16 different neural network models, will have improved upscaling functionality.

Samsung uses machine learning to understand what is displayed on the TV and can upscale any image to 4K and 8K. How good the end result will be the will of course depend on the original image.

Very thin frames
The new Neo QLED TVs are almost completely frameless with Samsung's Infinity One design, and look undeniably tough.

(Ill: Samsung)
Like previous models, the new TVs have also expanded color space with "quantum dot" technology. This is what the Q in QLED stands for.

Game bar
Samsung's new "game bar" will make life easier for players. Shortcuts for adjusting refresh rate, resolution, and form factor will be available from any game.

If you want, you can switch from 16: 9 to 32: 9 while playing to gain more control over what happens on the edge of the picture. Then you naturally get a black border up and down.

The TVs come with HDMI 2.1 with support for 4K at 120 Hz, variable refresh rate, automatic low latency, and eARC.

The TVs also have "Freesync Premium" which will minimize hacking and make the gaming experience smoother.

Great focus on accessibility
Samsung is also implementing new features for both the deaf and blind in their new TVs. In addition, they invest heavily in green technology. The company uses recyclable materials in both production and packaging and will work systematically to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

Samsung's new remote control has solar cells on the back. (Ill: Samsung)
In addition, the remote control gets solar cells and can charge itself. If it is too dark and cold, you can always charge it via USB. According to Samsung, the new remote controls will prevent 99 million AAA batteries from being discarded over the next seven years.

Samsung also has a strong focus on video calling and training, and if you connect a web camera, the TV can track your movements while you train in the "Smart Trainer". With Google Duo, you can make calls straight from the TV and participate in video calls with up to 32 people.

The camera turns after you and automatically zooms in so you have the right size and focus.

Micro LED
In December, we wrote about Samsung's giant new 110 ″ large MicroLED TV for one and a half million kroner. Now the company reveals that they also come with 99 ″ and 88 ″ and that smaller editions will follow later this year. MicroLED gets the best from OLED, but should be even better.

Samsung launches 110 ”MicroLED TV with 99.99 percent frameless design

MicroLED has virtually no frame with a screen-to-body ratio of as much as 99%. At the moment, TVs are expensive, but if there is one thing we know, it is that TVs are falling in price.

Still, it will be a while before they become affordable enough for the man in the street, and Neo QLED will probably be what is marketed to the greatest extent to consumers.

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