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macOS "confirms" three new Macs with Apple Silicon

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Apple's big press conference is probably November 17th.

Apple has already launched macOS Big Sur 11.01 beta 1 before Big Sur 11 is released (to probably avoid even more hardware leaks).

Big Sur 11.01 already launched the testers
The update fixes bugs and improves performance, also a number of new wallpapers included. It's always nice, though not important.

Most interesting are references to three new Macs. You may remember we wrote about a similar discovery not many days ago with the title:

"There will be three different Apple pieces," the Chinese newspaper claims.

Three different A14 chips for three different machines, MacBook Pro, Air and iMac - or maybe different performance levels for a series of machines?
Big Sur will probably be released in the final version on November 17, if that is the date of the big Mac press conference
It seems like it is the former, for the files, which have the following names:

  • MacHardwareTypes-2020f.bundle
  • MacHardwareTypes-2020g.bundle
  • MacHardwareTypes-2020h.bundle

Is divided as follows: a is MacBook Air, while f and d are MacBook Pro and some other files that refer to iMac.

Apple has already registered new Macs in an EU database, and the Apple Silicon press conference is rumored for November 17. This is going to be exciting.

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