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Claims developers are afraid to speak out for fear of Apple

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Several developers have been forced to include in-app purchases.

The developers of ProtonMail believe that Apple suddenly started pushing them to in-app purchases, supposedly so that Apple can take part in the cake when trading.

If this is true, it is hardly a w
According to ProtonMail CEO Andy Yen, developers are afraid to talk about what's happening: Apple will only after two years, in 2018, have put pressure on developers to add payment features to the app - when ProtonMail told users about the changes, Apple is said to have threatened to remove the app and block updates.

The reason is that Apple found references to being able to pay for ProtonMail services online, but not in the app. That is when they should have been exposed to pressure.

Yen points out that it is difficult to pay 30 percent to Apple and at the same time compete with free services such as Gmail that make money on ads and personal information.

Developers are reportedly saving Apple
It was Ben Thompson who first reported that 21 different developers have quietly told him that they have been forced to include in-app purchases.

Apple, for its part, claims in the regulations that email apps are not required for in-app purchases, and that free apps are ok as long as the app is an independent tool along with a web-based tool that costs money.

ProtonMail says that they do not dare to remove in-app purchases for fear of reprisals from Apple.

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