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Should Apple really do this with the iPhone?!

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Considering doing something radical.

Considering doing something radical.

Last year, Xiaomi unveiled a new concept phone called Mi Mix Alpha. The special thing about that phone is that it has a screen that extends around the edges, all the way to the back of the phone:

Apple is playing with the idea
Now there is evidence that Apple is considering doing the same with the iPhone.

The company has applied for a patent called "Electronic Device with Glass Enclosure". The patent describes a phone (iPhone) consisting of only glass on all six sides, ie both front, back, sides and top and bottom.

No physical buttons
With a solid glass panel the phone will be able to display more information and it is obvious to think that such a phone will have no physical buttons. Maybe you control the volume by swiping up or down on one of the screens, as shown in the concept picture at the top of the case?

This is only a patent, so there is no guarantee that Apple will implement the plan. And whether it is actually convenient to walk around with a glass ball worth many thousands of dollars, all the time glass can shatter, is also a question.

What do you think - is this a good idea?

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