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Admits delay time as still a problem: - Local gambling is best, simply

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It reports the XCloud gang to Microsoft.

It reports the XCloud gang to Microsoft.

Microsoft seems to be cautious with its promises of xCloud, its commitment to game streaming.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, developers working with xCloud boast about how easy it is for game developers to make their games playable on the service while being a bit more reserved in terms of delay time or latency.

Not a replacement at this time
For example, Vice President of Project xCloud, Kareemi Choudhry, was ready to emphasize that the delay time should not be anywhere at first - it will be a nuisance, and the main focus is rather on ensuring that performance is consistent and at a high level.

It is supported under the support of Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss himself. According to him, cloud streaming of games is not a good substitute for local hardware gaming at this time:

- The best thing to play is local hardware, simply. Streaming is a practical solution, and it is the technology you use to play when away from your main console.

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