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EU gives Spotify right: App Store breaks competition rules

IT|May 3, 2021

The European Commission opened an antitrust investigation against the App Store last year after Spotify had complained about Apple's license agreements. [more]


USB-C explained: How to get the most from it (and why it keeps getting better)

IT|Oct 30, 2020

At the office, home or school, USB-C has arrived. We’ve got tips on how to take advantage of those new ports, along with a peek at the future of data transfer and video. [more]


Solid EU majority for proposal for standard charging cable

IT|Feb 1, 2020

New laws can come into force in July. [more]


Entercom Radio Suffered Outage After Cyber Attack

General|Jan 2, 2020

Popular American radio network Entercom has recently disclosed a cyber attack. While it didn’t cause severe damages, it marks the second security incident in the same year. [more]

Did Apple Really Do It This Time?

Apple|Jun 19, 2019

Mac and Lightn ... no wait, which cable is there? [more]

iPhone gets USB C this year

Apple|Jan 19, 2019

And the new iPod Touch is actually underway. If the rumors are true, the iPod Touch series will get a newcomer if not too long: Apple says, according to several sources, what is being the seventh generation of the iPod Touch that over the years has been loved by many. [more]

You can connect this thin screen to almost anything

General|Jan 16, 2019

The Lapscreen is almost a perfect traveling companion. More and more devices use the USB C standard, and now there is a lot of new enhancement that uses the technology. [more]

Microsoft patent reveals magnetic USB-C port

Microsoft|Jan 4, 2019

Should the company finally embrace USB-C? The USB-C has many advantages, including much faster data transfer and simultaneous charging of devices. It's the new standard technology companies should, and should, switch to as fast as possible. [more]


Google: Drastic redesign of Pixel 6

Google|May 16, 2021

Fancy AirPods 3? They may arrive May 18 along with Apple Music HiFi

Apple|May 15, 2021

Claims Samsung's own laptop CPU is on its way

General|May 14, 2021

This is the new standard from the giga companies: "Matter"

IT|May 13, 2021

Facebook will make sure you do not share articles until you have read them

General|May 12, 2021

Worst cyberattack in US history. The virus does not affect Russian computers

IT|May 11, 2021

Google took revenge when Roku threw YouTube out

Google|May 10, 2021

There is no VIP list of developers in the App Store, says Apple

Apple|May 9, 2021

Firmware vulnerability affects "millions" of PCs

IT|May 8, 2021

They have not changed these Windows icons since 1995, but NOW it's happening - change font to new version

Microsoft|May 7, 2021

Can stolen AirTags be reset?

Apple|May 6, 2021

Flash is not gone yet, but it will happen in July

General|May 5, 2021

The fight against Steam gets the steam up

IT|May 4, 2021

EU gives Spotify right: App Store breaks competition rules

IT|May 3, 2021

Bluetooth is now easier and AirPods better in Windows 10

IT|May 2, 2021