IT giant buys Red Hat for 280 billion

IT | Nov 2, 2018 | Master3395

Major investment in cloud development for companies.

The giant IBM has announced that they buy up the open source company Red Hat for a price tag that exceeds just over NOK 280 billion. Reuters reports that this acquisition is the largest IBM ever made.

Leading provider of open software
Red Hat offers software and services to businesses focusing on cloud services and Linux servers. In 2012, the company reached a milestone by being the first open source company to hit a billion dollars in revenue.

The company now becomes part of IBM's so-called hybrid cloud department, with a major focus being on allowing many more companies to implement online measures and that there is a big shift in today's solutions that, according to IBM, are not safe and furthermore cumbersome.

Red Hat boss Jim Whitehurst comments that the acquisition will allow the business to reach a much larger audience and that this will not adversely affect the company's great ambition to offer open source innovation.

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Sources: The Verge, IBM, press release

Author: Master3395


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