Microsoft opens for keyboard and mouse on Xbox One

Microsoft | Oct 28, 2018 | Master3395

Becoming up to the developers.

In a recent update for those who have access to Insider Preview updates, Microsoft has introduced a feature that many have requested for a long time.

In beta testing
The Beta Testers of Version 1811 to Xbox One Consoles now have the ability to use mouse and keyboard in games that support it. So far, Warframe is the only game where developers have opened for this, something the creators of Warframe and Microsoft have apparently collaborated on as it will be an organized mission in the Xbox Insider Hub to test it.

Developers decide
Microsoft gives game developers all the freedom to choose whether they want to enable support for mouse and keyboard, or whether they want to keep their games exclusively for control. It will be interesting to see the development of this as people think that keyboard and mouse provide a big advantage in many games.

There are other new functionality and fixes in the update that exists only in the beta program so far, this list can be found in its entirety in the link below.

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