Now they are really angry with Google: - This is all wrong with Pixel 3!

Google | Oct 27, 2018 | Master3395

The users look tired of Google that is not responding.

The release of Google's Pixel 3 has not been completely smooth, and new errors are constantly being discovered by users. A crowd that lives at Pixel's community at Reddit is now making a settlement with Google, expressing their desire for the company to tackle the issues more quickly.

Lack of communication
The community generally agrees that Google does not take sufficient responsibility to keep users up to date on the bugs to be corrected and how in the process they are to correct the various issues reported.

A flagship phone in this price category should not have so many errors, mean the users.

Both hardware and software
A number of errors are reported, both related to hardware and software.

Users list a list that includes loudspeaker errors with unbalanced sound and exemplary vibration on the back of the phone when the speakers are in use. As for the microphone, they also experience problems with the quality of this.

Also, errors in the screen are pointed out, with a pink shade that appears unnecessary, as well as memory problems that many have experienced.

We follow the case.

Have you experienced problems with your Pixel 3?

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Sources: Reddit

Author: Master3395


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