Now, the login is finally fixed in Chrome 70

Google | Oct 21, 2018 | Master3395

A lot of news in Google's fresh update.

It was in the last update, Chrome 69, that Google added a new feature to simplify the login process. This feature enabled you to log in to the browser when you really wanted to log in to one of their sites and received a lot of negative attention because you were worried that the log synchronized every time you tried to log in.

Controversial login
Now Google has presented the ability to disable the feature that logs in to your browser so that you can log in to, for example, Gmail and YouTube without logging into the browser itself.

You will find this setting on the Security and Privacy tab when your browser is updated to version 70. Remember that the setting is turned on by default and you must disable it yourself if you do not want to log in to Google sync with their various sites.

Other bug fixes and improvements
In addition, the sync users interface has been taken over, now showing whether your account is syncing or does not sync browser data to Google servers.

When dialog boxes pop up, Chrome will automatically exit fullscreen mode so that the user in all cases will see the dialog in its entirety before touching anything.

Chrome 70 for macOS will now allow websites to use Touch ID as part of the Web Authentication API so that the fingerprint reader can be used on sites supported to use two-factor authentication.

Chrome 70 is sent to users on macOS, windows, and Linux these days.

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Sources: Google, TechRadar

Author: Master3395


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