Microsoft shares 60,000 patents with the open source environment

Microsoft | Oct 13, 2018 | Master3395

Big news from the Windows 10 manufacturer.

Microsoft and open source have not just been at a wavelength, but in recent years the beep has got another sound and the Redmond giant has embraced the environment.

Includes 60,000 patents
A further signal to this is the news that Microsoft becomes part of the Open Invention Network (OIN) and makes available 60,000 patents. It writes Fortune. The members of OIN can cross-license each other's patents without risking legal proceedings from the company behind.

Among the members are Google, IBM, Red Hat, and Toyota.

"We know that Microsoft's decision to join OIN seems surprising to some. It's no secret that there have been frictions between Microsoft and the open source community over patents, "writes Microsoft's Erich Andersen in a blog post.

Changes approach
After a somewhat strained relationship, Microsoft has had a different approach to Linux and open source in general in recent years. Last December, it became known that the company bounced OpenSSH directly into Windows 10 and April they released Linux distribution for the first time.

The perhaps biggest news came in June when Microsoft announced plans to buy the GitHub developer platform.

PS. Last week, MS-DOS became available as open source.

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