Microsoft blocks the Windows 10 upgrade if you have this, but there is a solution

Microsoft | Oct 7, 2018 | Master3395

Reduces battery life due to hijacking Intel audio drivers.

Do you have a machine with Intel's sixth generation CPU or later and Intel sound card? Then you do not have to install the October update in 1809 until Microsoft has successfully fixed the error with Intel, or you can update the Intel drivers yourself.

Wait, or update the Intel drivers yourself
The problem is that Intel Display Audio drivers can cause massive battery drain due to overuse of CPU cycles. For this reason, also the 1809 update for these users will fail to report problems with the sys file intcdaud.sys with the versions to

Microsoft recommends pressing the Backup button if you receive this message, thus interrupting the installation until an error correction occurs, or do it yourself:

be sure to update to Intel Graphics Driver version or later before installing 1809.

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