Thousands of Cisco routers are vulnerable to attacks

IT | Oct 1, 2018 | Master3395

Many will not be fixed before 2019.

Network manufacturer Cisco has discovered that several of their products are affected by vulnerabilities that affect Linux products at kernel 3.9 and above. Linux kernel 3.9 and later are vulnerable to FragmentSmack denial-of-service (DoS), or denial of service.

Over 80 routers and switches are affected
The Bleeping Computer reports that Cisco has compiled a list of over 80 products, routers, and switches that are affected by weakness, and write that many of these are not fixed before February 2019.

The products, in this case, are for businesses and service providers, and therefore not units you necessarily have at home. At the moment, there is no known solution to the weakness - many may have to wait until February - but Cisco recommends users to check the product documentation for any temporary solutions.

The website explains that the weakness allows attackers to increase the processor usage on an affected PC and make it useless. Although FragmentSmack exploits a weakness in the Linux kernel, it can also attack Windows devices and there are updates available to both systems. Unfortunately, it will take a while to update all products.

What Cisco products are affected can be checked here.

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Sources: The Bleeping Computer

Author: Master3395


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