Google alerts Chrome changes after massive criticism

Google | Sep 30, 2018 | Master3395

This is how the company explains the new login.

Several have responded to a change Google has made in Chrome 69 that automatically logs users into the browser when they log in to a Google Account, such as Gmail. Among them, security scientist Matthew Green discovered that by accident.

Explains the idea behind
In a blog post, Zach Koch, Product Manager for Chrome, explains the idea behind this change. He points out that even if you log in to Chrome automatically when you log in to a Google Account, it does not mean that Chrome sync is enabled.

This is one of the points users have been worried about, but Google ensures that browser history, passwords, and bookmarks are not synced before activating it manually.

"The new user interface reminds users which Google account is logged in. More importantly, it allows us to help users who share a device. For several years, we've received feedback from users on shared devices that Chromes login status can be confusing. We believe that these changes make sure that users do not search or visit websites that can be saved to another user's synced account, "explains Chromes Product Manager.

Alerts changes
At the same time, he announces some upcoming changes for Chrome 70 that will make this process better and more transparent:

Chrome 70 is expected in mid-October. What do you think of Google's changes?

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