Suddenly the Demonoid disappeared again

IT | Sep 28, 2018 | Master3395

Is it too good this time?

Demonoid is a torrent tracker who has been with for years and has become known to disappear completely suddenly so to report his return. Now the service is down again.

Away again
It writes TorrentFreak, which reports that Demonoid is down due to technical problems. This happens after several problems lately, not later than August when the website disappeared a period before it suddenly returned.

Last week, it has become worse and, according to TorrentFreak, has been impossible to reach the website since last week. Even worse, it may be that the owner is obsessed and no one with a connection to Demonoid has heard from the person in two months. One of the people affiliated with Demonoid, tells the site that it is unclear what actually happens.

The person, who is just called Phaze1G, says he and the others are waiting for information, but they do not know more right now.

Long story
The last time we wrote about Demonoid was in March 2017. The reason was the return of the pirate tracker after two months of absence. At that time, internal problems were the cause.

"After a long downtime, due mainly to problems with some individuals we thought we could trust, and some personal issues related to the health of family members who took some time, as well as money that would help the website out to new places, we are now back" , wrote Demonoid on their websites.

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Sources: TorrentFreak

Author: Master3395


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