You probably have to wait for one of the biggest news for Windows 10

Microsoft | Sep 24, 2018 | Master3395

What really happens to the smart update model?

At the tune of July this year, Microsoft released a test release of Windows 10 that featured a promising news. Many people are sad that Windows 10 restarts to install an update whenever they want it.

Long-awaited function
The solution to Microsoft is machine learning that is trained to understand when it's time to update. For example, Windows 10 will know if the user is active on the PC and, if so, postpone the update.

"This means that Microsoft not only checks if you use the device before Microsoft restarts, but Microsoft will also estimate if you only leave the device to retrieve a coffee to return after a short while," explained the company in a blog post.

Unfortunately, this news does not appear in Windows 10 October 2018 Update. It writes PC World that has been in contact with Microsoft. The comment from the company is concise: "We have nothing to share".

Worked out
So what does it mean to the users? It's hard to say, but according to PC World's article to judge, the smart Windows Update news is not found in the freshest test versions of Windows 10.

Ever since the feature first rolled out, Microsoft has requested feedback from the testers and is clear that the new update model needs to be trained. Something that may mean that it's not part of the big release released next month and users probably have to wait for spring.

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