Google is being charged for breach of GDPR

IT | Sep 18, 2018 | Master3395

This corresponds to the search company.

The company behind the browser Brave has complained Google and advertising companies to the authorities in Ireland and the UK. Brave claims that Google and the other companies violate the new privacy laws in Europe, perhaps most commonly known as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

- Under the GDPR this is illegal
According to Brave, Google uses a bid request method that occurs when Google and other advertising companies run an ad type known as "behavioral ads." The browser manufacturer believes that this process collects user data that is sent to the companies' advertising platform and shared with advertisers.

That way, important user data that advertisers can use to send targeted advertising, and is something that Brave believes violates the new privacy laws in Europe.

- Because of this sharing, a data break known as "bid request" in the network industry is preventing intimate data from being protected from unauthorized access. Under GDPR this is illegal, said Brave's chief executive, Dr. Johnny Ryan, in a statement Monday.

Brave is supported by Open Rights Group and Michael Veale of University College in London, and they expect the authorities in the EU, Ireland and the UK to investigate the complaint.

"We offer openness and control
Google says in a statement to ZDNet that they have rolled out new tools that give users full control over data and ad settings.

- We build privacy and security into our products from an early stage and are committed to complying with the EU Privacy Policy. We provide users with data transparency and control across the services we offer in the EU, including personalized ads, a Google spokeswoman points to the site.

As ZDNet points out, Google and the other companies are facing huge fines if they are found guilty of breach of EU privacy rules.

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Sources: ZDNet

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