You do not get this in the iPhone Xs box and where is the AirPower all over the world?

Apple | Sep 16, 2018 | Master3395

Apple has removed almost all product info.

The slight disappointment for many with the new iPhone Xs models is that they still come with a slow 5-watt charger, even big Xs Max.

99 kroner extra
In addition, Apple has chosen not to attach Lightning to 3.5 mm. the adapter in the box that they have made since they removed the 3.5 output. Do you want the transition you will pay out with 99 NOK.

As far as charging is concerned, perhaps a better strategy would have been to make AirPower available while people were told that it came with an incredibly weak charger with the very expensive devices, but so did not happen.

What happens to AirPower?
In fact, Apple has removed even more information about the product on its own website, which makes us wonder if the product is coming this year at all. However, it is still hoping that it will be in October, as Apple's rumor will showcase the new iPad Pro and Macbook.

This is the messy message from Apple. (Ill .: Apple)


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Author: Master3395


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