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This is Google's answer.

US President Donald Trump continues the attacks against Google on Twitter. In a video, the Trump Administration claims that Google did not promote the president's speech about the state of the state, "State of the Union."

Ask Google to stop the differential treatment
In the video with the topic The stop the bias, as you can see at the bottom of the case, Trump shows that Google annually promoted former President Barack Obama's state of affairs, but the search company has not done the same to him.

According to the president, Google did not do it either last year or this year.

Google, on its part, says it does not matter and that they promoted Trump's speech this year, but not last year. The reason for this is that the first speech to Congress is technically not a State of the Union speech, the company says in a statement. Nor did they promote Obama's speech in 2009.

- Trump has a point
So who is really talking? Here is a bit scared. As Rob Graham points out, Google used to announce Obama's talk several hours in advance, but this year's Trump speech was mentioned only when the president was in progress. None of the talks between 2009 and 2017, which were the first president, were announced on Google.

Graham concludes:

"Trump still has a point: Google promoted Obama's speech better. They announced his talks in advance, but Trumps only after that was the start, "he writes.

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