Hazardous cheating click in MacOS allows malware slip into

IT | Aug 21, 2018 | Master3395

Frames all macOS versions but corrected in Mojave.

In September, the next major update of macOS, Mojave, will be launched, including dynamic night mode. In the upcoming version, this issue addresses a challenge in the latest version, MacOS High Sierra.

Mojave protects against this
But for many, the biggest improvement will be the fact that Apple has put on a new layer of protection.

However, as MacOS is built up, it's a sandbox in the OS that can not be accessed by other parts of the system - the malware is placed. The problem is whether the injury is smart enough to perform "cheat click". Such clicks can help the malicious person to authenticate himself into the system, thus obtaining the hacker access.

Apple knows the problem
The problem is that hackers will then be able to take control of the computer and install what it may be, but note that the hack only tricks around this one dialog box and that this is not a hack that gives access to a locked Mac. It is rumored that Apple has started to stop such cheating clicks in the latest stable version of High Sierra, macOS 10.13.6.

Mojave is present in closed and open beta as iOS 12 and is launched either in September or October.

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Sources: Wired

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