OnePlus manages what Apple does not get

IT | Aug 15, 2018 | Master3395

Do it well in the tough market.

Inda is one of the world's toughest smartphone markets, but the Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus has earned a lot of money - in fact, a total of NOK 10.6 billion.

Use student ambassadors
OnePlus, Pete Lau, explains the success of OnePlus's commitment to younger users in terms of relatively inexpensive, but also stylish Android phones. Instead of the fact that Indian stores are depreciated with advertising, the phones are instead promoted by student ambassadors. In addition, OnePlus cricket sponsors India - thus breaking the company with its otherwise advertising-free line.

40 percent market share
As a result of its commitment, OnePlus has hijacked 40 percent of the Indian premium phone market. This is in contrast to a market share of 0 percent in 2014. Samsung and Apple have market shares of 34 and 14 percent respectively.

"The premium phone market in India may be small, but the purchasing power of young people is growing and will create great opportunities for the company by 2020. We launch the same models around the world. Cheap phones in the $ 100 class require too many compromises, said Pete Lau in an interview with Bloomberg.

OnePlus is not among the top five when it comes to the Indian smartphone market as a whole. Here is Samsung number one, followed by Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and Huawei.

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