Microsoft surprises with a weekend release of Windows 10 Build 14385

Microsoft | Jul 10, 2016 | Master3395

Improvements and Fixes in Windows 10 Build 14385 for PC:

  • Windows expiry pop-up notification saying Windows evaluation copy expires on 7/15/2016 will no longer be seen.
  • Battery life of Surface devices improved.
  • Issue of Spotify crashing while playing music is fixed.
  • Maximized Google Chrome window getting clipped on top is fixed.
  • Mobile hotspot issue of blue screen and rebooting when sharing on a 5GHz band fixed
  • LastPass and Adblock extensions for Microsoft Edge not showing expected context menu is fixed.
  • Projecting to a PC auto-discoverability is off by default. To make your PC discoverable, just go to Settings > System > Projecting to this PC and set “Windows PCs and phones can project to this PC when you say it’s OK” to “Available everywhere” or “Available everywhere on secure networks”.

Improvements and fixes in build 14385 for Mobile:

  • Can interact with PDFs opened in Microsoft Edge now.
  • Battery life of Lumia 830,930 and 1520 improved.
  • SIM names on dual SIM phones can be set now.

Known issues in build 14385 for PC:

  • Enabling Developer mode on a non-EN-US language may get error code 0x800004005. But still you will be able to use Visual Studio to develop UWA. Microsoft has also posted a fix for this:
  1. Go to Settings > System.
  2. Click on “Apps & features”
  3. Choose “Manage Optional features”
  4. Press the button “Add a feature”
  5. Select the package for Windows Developer Mode
  6. Click “Install”
  7. Reboot your PC
  8. Launch Command Prompt as Administrator
  9. Run: sc config debugregsvc start=auto

Author: Master3395


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