I can not stand more and delete the program on over 40 machines

IT | Aug 13, 2018 | Master3395

Crisis for CCleaner - latest version drawn.

CCleaner is in hard weather because much has happened to the software after Avast bought them up, and not for the better.

Impossible to close
The latest version, 5.45, has now been taken by Avast (it is 5.44 currently served) after it became known that users can not quit the application from the taskbar, that it will be included on the system even if the user has nullified and the fact that it sends information to third parties.

The company says they will launch an updated version, but last time the community heard something from Paul Piriform was July 30th and many are very annoying. Probably Avast has taken over the management of the communication.

Can they turn the ship around?
It's sad to read the forum now because I've also benefited from the program. It will be exciting to see if they manage to turn a shot, but this nevertheless has never been so much PR nightmares.

These are some of the posts on the Piriform Forum:

"Having used CCleaner so much, it is now time to take goodbye. I switch to a competitor because CCleaner is now one of the bad guys. I am now uninstalling the program on over 40 machines at work. »

Another thinks it's sad that CCleaner is "broken" and believes that the program is now "bugger". The person says that he or she will delete the program on the machines they administer.

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