Google Maps Location Sharing now also shares your battery level

Google | Aug 9, 2018 | Master3395

And you can not prevent it.

Google has been working on position sharing over several years. At first, it was Google Latitude, and then part of Google Maps, but it was moved to Google+ before returning to Maps.

Sharing information about remaining battery level
Now a new interesting feature has been added - now your battery level is shared with the contacts you share your location with.

The roll-out of the function has taken place as more and more users have gained the function as time has passed. When checking the position of a contact, you will also see a battery icon next to where you see the distance to the person. The specified battery level is updated while updating the location.

The sharing cannot be turned off
Battery level sharing is added and activated automatically - and for so long it seems impossible to turn off the feature. In other words, you can not take a "phone out of power" to contacts that you share your position/battery status with.

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