Want Apple to pay for Hyperloop

Apple | Aug 8, 2018 | Master3395

Do politicians get Tim Cook to support Elon Musk's project?

In a strange political twist, Cupertino's city council wants Apple to pay for a Hyperloop that might be built near Apple Park in the same small town.

Musical transport fantasy can be paid by Apple and others
The city tried to introduce the extra tax in relation to the number of employees of the companies in the area, which had significantly higher revenues for cash from Apple, but after talks with Tim Cook, this proposal is postponed to 2020, but that does not mean Apple escape. Not necessarily.

For now, the proposal is that Apple should sponsor a Hyperloop to be built in the area. Apple, on its part, explains that they have already spit over half a billion dollars on public transport in the area.

It is currently uncertain what is happening, but the major companies in the Silicon Valley area will have to help pay for public transport is likely, and something they probably agree with against increased taxes that are hard to get rid of after they first introduced.

This is from a SpaceX Hyperloop competition from August last year:

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Sources: WSJ (Payment Wall), 9to5Mac

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