New Windows 10 Insider Preview-build out - "Your Phone" available soon

Microsoft | Aug 6, 2018 | Master3395

Your Phones image sync in action. (Ill .: Microsoft)Exactly, Microsoft will not say anything about it.

Today, Microsoft has made a new build (17728) available to those who run Windows 10 Insider Preview. The buildings are available to those who are part of "Fast ring".

Easier synchronization of images from phone to PC
The most exciting news is, without doubt, Your Phone. With Your Phone, you can connect your phone to a Windows 10 PC and conduct phone calls, send and receive messages, sync photos, and more.

Your Phones image sync in action. (Ill .: Microsoft)

Will be made available soon
Those who want to try out Your Phone must nevertheless linger with patience. The feature is not yet available in the build. Microsoft has not commented on how soon your phone feature becomes possible to use. We are hoping it will happen soon.

Your Phone works with phones running Android 7.0 and above. iPhone users will have limited functionality.

Other details about the new build can be found here.

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