Google blocks more than one bus pocket on Android devices

Google | Aug 5, 2018 | Master3395

Barring bad design ideas in the future.

Google develops Android P so that the operating system officially only supports a bus pocket (or a lip/notch - depending on what you choose to call it).

Bus Pocket Limitation
Android UI, Megan Potoski, wrote yesterday that they are working with their partners to lay down simple rules to ensure compatibility in the future - including a limitation on the number of bus pockets.

Only top or bottom
The rules are written that Android P phones should not have more than two folds per unit, and it must be the maximum one fold per page. These must also be located either at the top or bottom of the phone.

In view of the fact that no phones have been launched with more than a bus pocket, one can not regard the rule as anything but a barrier to bad design ideas in the future.

Android P will fill the folds with the phone's status bar automatically. App developers who want it will have the opportunity to take advantage of the extra space the coves offer.

Could you imagine a phone with more bus pockets? Tell us in the comments below!

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Sources: The Verge

Author: Master3395


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