The Bluetooth connection on your mobile phone may be unsure

IT | Jul 28, 2018 | Master3395

Apple has sealed the hole, while Microsoft's devices are not affected.

Intel has detected a weakness in Bluetooth that allows malicious people to access a device and then send content between two vulnerable devices. According to Intel, this may cause the attacker to access the smartphone.

Has sealed the hole
The weakness lies in the Bluetooth implementation of operating systems and drivers in Apple, Broadcom, Intel and Qualcomm chips, but luckily many seem not to be affected by this.

Apple has already released updates to iOS, macOS, and watchOS that seal the gap, while Intel, Broadcom, and Qualcomm also have solutions in place for their chipsets. Microsoft's devices are not affected by this, "said the Windows manufacturer.

Slightly likely that many are affected
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) says it is challenging to carry out the attack and that there is little chance that many people are affected by this weakness. The attacker must be close to two Bluetooth devices in pairing mode.

- The attacker must intercept the switch of keys by blocking each transmission, this by sending a confirmation to the sending device, then injecting the malicious packet to the device that receives within a short time window. If only one device was vulnerable to the attack, the attack cannot be carried out, SIG explains.

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