Google Chrome 68 for Desktop is available for download

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Google has announced the availability of the stable version 68 of Google Chrome for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The update will be distributed in waves in the coming days and weeks, so not all users will be provided with the update immediately. With the new version, Chrome displays the warning "Not sure" on all HTTP pages. Google had previously announced this. To make sure the warning for your web pages does not appear, Google recommends migrating the site to HTTPS. The update also includes a number of fixes and improvements. It also closesGoogle with this update at least 29 security holes. However, access to the details and links remains limited until the majority of users have been provided with this update. For an overview of all the new features and enhancements in Chrome 68, visit this post on the Chromium Blog.

The update to version 68.0.3440.75 is now available for download via the integrated update function and also via the official website. Users who have an older version will get the update automatically. The update is distributed in waves so that not all users are immediately supplied with the update. More information about this update can be found below or on the official Google Chrome blog.

Download -> Download Google Chrome for PC, Mac, and Linux

Download Google Chrome for PC, Mac and Linux Click here to download Google Chrome for Windows, macOS and Linux. 

Update Google Chrome via the update function
How to update Chrome 67.xx or earlier to Chrome 68.xx:

  1. Start Google Chrome>
  2. Top right -> Customize Google Chrome>
  3. Help and About -> About Google Chrome>
  4. Right click on Update Now. The rest is self-explanatory.

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