The collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo is manifested in several ways

IT | Jul 22, 2018 | Master3395

Soon, it will be possible to buy Nintendo's New 2DS XL with Creeper design!

Nintendo recently announced that they released three new versions of their New Nintendo 2DS XL.

There will be released a new Mario Kart version, an Animal Crossing version, and a Minecraft version.

Good friends
Most interesting in this case is the Minecraft version. This 2DS XL version may indicate that Microsoft and Nintendo have become relatively good friends lately.

The final friendship between game battles was to offer cross-play in "Fortnite", a choice that Sony would not take part in.

Start on a good friendship?
Hopefully, this is the start of a positive trend. Perhaps Microsoft and Nintendo eventually finish up in the rights castle that closes for a remake of Goldeneye - the almost legendary shooter for Nintendo 64.

So far, we can say that the Minecraft version of the 2DS XL console looks cool - even though the console is somewhat outdated.

No launch date has been published to the West, but given that Nintendo has not been too reluctant to release new versions of their consoles here in Europe, one can hope that they will be found in the stores here too.

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