Only Edge and Internet Explorer are immune to this scam

General | Jul 21, 2018 | Master3395

Google had sealed the hole in Chrome, but it was reopened in version 67.

The Bleeping Computer website writes that the weakness "Download Bomb" is back and it hits more browsers on Windows.

Chrome can be exploited
«Download Bomb», or download bomb, is a technique fraudsters use to get victims to call "support" for help. They do this by bombing the browser with downloads, which makes it freeze on a specific page.

Bleeping Computer has conducted several tests and can confirm that more major browsers are vulnerable to this type of attack. The only browsers that did not freeze were actually Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer.

Google sealed this hole in version 65 of Chrome, but in fresh 67, the weakness is in place again. Also Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Opera and Vivaldi are vulnerable to "Download Bomb".

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Sources: Bleeping Computer

Author: Master3395


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