What about a 128 TB memory card?

IT | Jul 17, 2018 | Master3395

And with a transmission rate of closer to 1 terabyte per second.

Today's SD memory card has a maximum capacity of 2 TB. Go there with 64 and then you reach the next generation memory card limit.

The transfer rate of almost 1 Tbps
SD Express is the name of the new standard this week was announced by SD Association - this is the group that determines the standards for memory cards.

The unique thing about SD Express is that the PCI Express and NVMe interfaces are integrated into the memory card, which allows for virtually solid storage and speeds.

The transfer rates can reach up to 985 megabytes per second - an increase of 624 megabytes per second - and with 128TB of storage, SD Express cards are likely to replace other storage disks. Unless of course, you rely on higher speeds.

It will be interesting to see what the price is when the cards are launched, it is uncertain when and probably talk about several years. In Norway, you have to pay more than 2,000 kroner for an SD card of 512 GB, so one can only imagine what the price is when the capacity increases 250 times.

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Sources: CNet

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