New Windows 10 test version has been launched, but they have removed something very useful

Microsoft | Jul 13, 2018 | Master3395

When do you actually launch Sets?

Sets, the feature that makes it possible to group applications as browser tabs, has been drawn from the latest Redstone 5 test release launched Fast Ring testers today.

A little stupid this
In other words, Microsoft has found that much more work is needed than before and that they must make major changes before getting ready for beta testing again.

Microsoft has not commented on the launch, but there was never any guarantee that Sets would be found in the final version of Redstone 5.

Can take a long time
In other words, it may be a long time before Sets will be found in the final version, but may appear in a later beta version.

Microsoft's Donna Sarkar explains that they will optimize Sets in the scenes so that Edge and Office work better. There is also a lot of work to do to make Sets work best with third party applications.

Sets were first revealed in November last year.

Errors and known errors in 17704

known bugs

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