Instagram challenges YouTube: upload 1 hour of video

IT | Jul 1, 2018 | Master3395

Has Google / YouTube finally gotten a worthwhile challenger?

IGTV is the name of Instagram's new stream service, owned by Facebook, which goes straight to the throat on YouTube and Google.


IGTV is the name of the new vertical video app
Snapchat. Who is talking about Snapchat? Few or none. The service has a broken back after Instagram did like them, and the glasses with cameras have not been a success - so bad sales dropped that they had to dump the devices they were not sold.

Instagram on the other hand, has only seen a rise, and now we see a big evolution of the service.

Everyone can upload, but Instagram alerts that famous artists obviously should be included from the start too. IGTV content is also available in the Instagram app.

The IGTV app is launching in a few weeks, Android and iOS.

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Sources: TechCrunch, Instagram

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