«PUBG» rounds 400 million players - celebrates with Steam sales

IT | Jun 28, 2018 | Master3395

And the game gets "Event Pass".

Developers of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" announce on Twitter that the popular "Battle Royale" game has rounded impressive 400 million players across PC, mobile and Xbox One.

At the same time, the gaming studio announces that the game has reached 50 million sales on PC and Xbox One. Daily, there are around 87 million people playing "PUBG" across the platforms.

Steam sales
The milestone celebrates PUBG Corp. by offering "PUBG" at a discounted price in the Steam store. During the period 19 June to 5 July, the game can be bought at 173.53 kroner, a decline of 33 percent.

"Thanks to our over 400 million players worldwide on PC, Xbox, and Mobile. In honor of this milestone, PUBG on Steam is on sale for the first time, "writes the studio on Twitter.

So far, no offer has been announced for the Xbox One version that costs $ 299 in the Xbox Store.

Launches "Event Pass"
At the same time, an "Event Pass" for "PUBG" is announced, not completely different to "Battle Pass" in Fortnite. This is a new way to track progress and unlock new content. Each "Event Pass" will last for about four weeks.

One last news is that the map "Sanhok" is finally ready for launch. It will take place on Friday 22 June.

Below you can see us test the new map:

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Sources: Engadget

Author: Master3395


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