Is that the way Windows 7 had looked if it had been launched today?

Microsoft | Jun 26, 2018 | Master3395

See the cool concept video.

About ten years ago Windows 7 was released. Now, Windows 10 applies, but many, many still use what is probably the most popular version of Microsoft's operating system ever.

Windows 7 anno 2018
The designer Kamer Kaan Avdan has released a video of his design vision for Windows 7 if the operating system had been launched in 2018. The concept draws more design elements on Windows 7 and mixes it with stuff from Windows 10.

He has included the Action Center, Cortana on the taskbar and the new start menu with dynamic tiles, while retaining many of the aspects of Windows 7.

Unfortunately, we have a bad news and this is only a concept and not a shell or theme you can download to Windows 10. What do you think of Avdans Windows 7 anno 2018 vision?

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