Realtek's useful audio app comes to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft | Jun 10, 2018 | Master3395

If you run Windows 10 you should choose this edition.

Realtek Sound Company will launch a version of the Audio Control app in the Microsoft Store.

Similar features like the "old"
The app is already in place in the app store in Windows 10, but at the moment, launch appears to be limited as not everyone gets installed. It signals both users on Reddit as well as MSPowerUser who write that the installation is failing. We also experience the same, but much suggests that the app is not many days, or hours away.

The description describes the app as follows:

"Realtek Audio Control provides the best audio experience with Realtek Audio Control. You can adjust the audio device effects and all audio device settings in this app. "

MSPowerUser writes that the Microsoft Store edition of Realtek Audio Control has the same features as the Win32 edition. The advantage of a Microsoft Store edition of the app is that it is automatically updated through the store and is better optimized than the regular edition, which must also support older systems.

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Sources: MSPowerUser, Reddit

Author: Master3395


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