Apple blocks Telegram updates

Apple | Jun 6, 2018 | Master3395

Not only in Russia - international users are also affected.

According to Telegram Manager Pevel Durov, Apple has blocked updates for the app in the App Store. A quick search in the app store shows that Telegram has not been updated since March - around the same time that Russian authorities banned the app in the country.

In the Google Play Store, the app was last updated on May 26th.

Blocking updates
In a post on Telegram - read at the bottom of this case - Durov writes that Apple has prevented Telegram from updating the iOS app since the Russian authorities ordered Apple to remove the app from the App Store.

The background for Russia's banning of the app is because Telegram refused to hand over encryption keys to its security services.

"We believe we did the only possible by preserving users' privacy rights in a troubled country. Unfortunately, Apple did not find our side, writes the Telegram boss.

Apple has not commented so far and it is uncertain why a possible Russian blockade affects international iOS users.

Features cease to work
Durov also explains that some Telegram features do not work after iOS 11.4 just because the company is not updating the app. This includes stickers and updates related to the EU Privacy Policy, most commonly known as GDPR.

Apple has previously blocked VPN services in Chinese App Store after pressure from the authorities in the country, something the company has been heavily criticized for.

What do you think that Apple is blocking Telegram updates?

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