PornHub launches its own VPN service

IT | May 29, 2018 | Master3395

Thinking private browsing is not anonymous.

The porn site PornHub - who has also used machine learning - believes that the browser's incognito mode does not hide all of the users' footprints on the web. A separate VPN service from the website provides additional layers of protection and privacy, says the company's VP Corey Price, to The Verge.

No snooping
The online VPN service, which is free, works in line with other such solutions. Available is also a paid variant, called VPNhub Premium, which for $ 12.99 a month is without ads and with a faster connection. PornHub's solution can transfer the data anonymously so that third parties can not access them.

The VPN is available for macOS, windows, android, and iOS and in many countries around the world. Countries not affiliated with the United States, such as Myanmar, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan and Syria will not be able to use the PornHub service. It probably also applies to countries such as Egypt, China, and Saudi Arabia, writing the site.

How sure is the incognito mode, really?

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Sources: The Verge

Author: Master3395


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