Soon it will end the monthly "Battlefield 1" updates

General | May 14, 2018 | Master3395

But a new multiplayer mode is on its way.

June 1 is the date when Dice discontinues monthly updates to the shooter favorite "Battlefield 1". It confirms the game studio.

«Shock Operations» in June
In a blog post, Content Manager at Dice, Jonas Elfving, writes that players can expect fresh content and game updates until June. The monthly updates include things like bug fixes and balancing in the multiplayer section.

The last expansion to the game, "Apocalypse", was launched at the beginning of the year and recently, more maps from the "They Shall Not Pass" extension were available to all players. The last content packet comes in June and is called "Shock Operations" and is a mode of 40 players that switch to defend and attack across different sectors.

The mode is available on the Giant's Shadow, Prise de Tahure, Lupkow Pass, Zeebrugge and River Somme multiplayer cards.

Moving focus
That the updates for "Battlefield 1" go against the end may not be a surprise. The game was launched October 2016 and at the moment Dice is working hard with a new game in the series.

According to the reports, it is a "Battlefield" set for WWII and is called Battlefield V. We expect to know more about the game in the near future, and most recently in connection with the E3 fair held in June.

Are you still playing "Battlefield 1"?

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