Nvidia's AI-powered image technology is extremely extreme

IT | May 12, 2018 | Master3395

Adobe Photoshop on steroids.

Adobe Photoshop has a magic tool called "Content-Aware Fill", which is used to remove objects in a photo. Nvidia takes this to a new level.

Impressed with artificial intelligence
In a new video, Nvidia demonstrates the AI-powered technology and what it's capable of. We are hardly alone in thinking that what we see is impressive. Not only is it able to remove objects in the image, like Photoshop, but can also restore corrupted images with solid results.

"Our technology is capable of handling holes in a robust way, regardless of shape, size, or distance from the frames. In the past, deep learning has focused on rectangular parts around the middle of the image and often depends on expensive after working. Our model can handle holes with increasing sizes, "Nvidia writes about the technology.

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