Valve buys the "Firewatch" studio

General | May 7, 2018 | Master3395

Can speed up game development to the company.

Several will probably say that there has been a lot of spillage from Valve in recent years. Now the company strives to buy an exciting company.

Valve oppkkjøp
The game studio Campo Santo is the gang behind the critically acclaimed, historically-driven "Firewatch". Now it is Valve that owns the company. This confirms Campo Santo in a blog post.

This does not affect the upcoming game, "In The Valley of Gods", which will not be exclusive to PC under the leadership of Valve. This confirms the developer to the Polygon website. In addition, Campo Santo will still support "Firewatch".

As part of the acquisition, the 12-man-wide game studio will be moved to Valve's headquarters in Seattle.

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Sources: Polygon, Campo Santo

Author: Master3395


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