Mach2 is the super tool for Windows 10 that reveals Microsoft's secrets

Microsoft | May 5, 2018 | Master3395

Enable two fresh features that are hidden.

Rafael Rivera is a Windows expert who takes tampering with Microsoft's OS longer than most.

Enables completely hidden features
He actually has a tool for retrieving hidden windows features. The tool is called Mach2 (GitHub) and must be used to enable the new night mode for Windows Explorer.

The command of this one is mach2 enable 10397285.

PS: The new screen utility is enabled with 15333818, ie mach2 enable 15333818.

You have to compile
The tool does not have a graphical interface, but the commands are simple enough after the program is set up, but note that the kernel of Windows is tampered with, so it does not work on its machine.

In addition, you must compile the Visual Studio 2017 Express utility before you can run it on your computer: BleepingComputer has a nice guide.

This is Mach2 to Windows 10 that unlocks hidden features. (Ill .: Rafael Rivera)

There's a lot of work left
Mach 2 scans Windows to then serve a text file with possible features that have been hidden from you previously, including this one.

(mach2 enable 10397285)

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Author: Master3395


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