Apple is struggling to find an alternative to Samsung

Apple | May 3, 2018 | Master3395

LG is still rumored, but reports report production problems.

According to reports, Apple wants more options around OLED manufacturers for iPhone. As of now, Samsung is the only manufacturer, but Apple wants at least one more.

A task that is not quite simple.

production Challenges
The Wall Street Journal writes that Apple's LG capabilities do not go completely according to plan. The website reports that Apple has encountered production issues related to LG's OLED panels in the iPhone.

The question now is whether LG will succeed in becoming a good option for Samsung to deliver panels to iPhone. The problem with Apple being dependent on only one supplier without alternatives is that it is Samsung that sets the price.

On several occasions, there are rumors that LG is ready to produce OLED panels for Apple. Among other things, at the beginning of the year when it was claimed that LG had secured a lucrative contract with the iPhone manufacturer. So, it is asking if LG manages to meet the high demands of Apple.

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Sources: The Wall Street Journal

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