Newly discovered Windows 10 errors may lead to a new postponement of the major update

Microsoft | Apr 29, 2018 | Master3395

App selection crashes settings.

Following the plan, Spring Creators Update for Windows 10 should really be rolled out to users as of April 10th. It did not happen after a serious enough error was discovered in a test version of the operating system.

Found new error
Originally, the 17133 version of Windows 10 was the release version, but it contained an error. Microsoft later released version 17133.73 to resolve the issues and later a new launcher in the form of 17134.1.

Now, several of the Windows 10 users have discovered a new error in the fresh test edition. In a thread on Reddit, there are several who complain about an Error Crashing Settings when opening "Set Default By App". This is a choice under settings where you can select the standards for different apps and are located below:

Probably leads to new postponement
According to reports, the problem affects users on different types of systems, but there are also testers who do not experience this. If you run the latest trial version, you can check if Settings crash when you open the mentioned page.

There are suggestions in the thread on how to fix the problem, but it does not seem to help everyone. WindowsLatest writes that this error may further expose Spring Creator Update.

Can you reproduce this error?

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