"Battlefield V" can get "Battle Royale" mode

General | Apr 27, 2018 | Master3395

Dice throws on the trend, according to new reputation.

The popularity of the "Battle Royale" genre in games such as "PUBG" and "Fortnite" seems to annoy the curiosity of the biggest gaming companies. Rumors want the upcoming "Call of Duty" game to have such a mode, and according to recent reports, there is also something Dice is working on.

Will hardly be available on launch
The website Venture Beat writes that Dice currently has a "Battle Royale" prototype for "Battlefield V" under development. The news media cites anonymous sources with affiliation to the case.

Venture Beat says, however, that one can not expect to jump into a game world with 99 other players when launching "Battlefield V" in the fall. Instead, the mode, if it is at all under development, can be available as a free update to the game at a later date.

Players flock to the Battle Royale hunter by day and it is not surprising that more developers want a piece of cake.

Publisher Electronic Arts have not wanted to comment on claims against Venture Beat.

What do you think more games companies try to try out? Battle Royale?

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Sources: Venture Beat

Author: Master3395


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